• Your Baby Matters

    A real doctor with your baby - anywhere anytime

  • BabySenso

    Thanks to BabySenso the doctor can diagnose and propose a treatment for your baby as if you were in the doctor's office.
    With BabySenso a doctor is at your disposal:

    • When your baby has some skin rash and you are not sure if it is serious
    • When your baby is crying at 2 a.m. in the night with fever
    • When you are on holidays abroad and you want your doctor to see your baby
    • Basically whenever you need medical advice for your baby

    Spend time with your baby to create memories.
    Leave the rest to us.
    anywhere, anytime

  • BabySenso

    Your personal baby doctor one click away.

  • How does it work?

    With BabySenso you can easily measure all vital health parameters just as your doctor would. Latest medical grade mobile technology is at the heart of our service.


    You can immediately share the medical data and then video call your doctor who can remotely perform an examination of your baby. Your doctor will be able to give you instant medical advice and continuous support to protect what matters the most.

    Your baby, your peace of mind.